Sunday, July 15, 2012

I Hate Captcha – Yes, I Really Do!

I was just thinking how time consuming and stupid captchas can be. I was thinking that there must be a better way, so imagine my surprise when I did a search and found I wasn’t alone.  There is actually a Facebook page called, you guessed it, I Hate Captcha. It’s bad enough you can’t read the scribbles, but then there are times when symbols and ‘alienese’ are included.

I understand the purpose, but why make it such a frustrating procedure? Sometimes I get so turned off, I don’t bother with the site I was trying to sign up with. Yesterday, after about 10 tries I just gave up on Stumbleupon. Maybe I will give it another try in the not too distant future, but there are other sites that serve the same purpose. 

Yeah, I know you want to differentiate between computers and humans, but this is what you, the designers, have done:

  • Give me eyestrain - that's not so nice after you hit 35
  • Stop me from commenting on lots of blogs I would to comment on - it's just not worth it after a couple of tries
  • It drives people crazy - I'm just this close to tearing my hair out
I hate spam, but I would much rather deal with it than this ‘pain-in-the-butt CAPTCHA.  All I have to do is delete the spam; it takes me less time and does not frustrate me as much. I know some folks get tons of spam on a daily basis, but the captcha is also preventing interaction with clients and visitors. 

There has got to be a better way to spam-proof websites other than captcha. I can remember seeing questions asked such as why not use a simple calculation, which requires human input?