Friday, April 22, 2011

3 SEO Mistakes You Might Be Making

In the World of SEO nothing is ever guaranteed. You might put in the same amount of work as your competitor, but not earn the same amount of clicks per day. This doesn't always mean you're doing something wrong, but even the best strategies can sometimes benefit from a little tweaking. If you run an online business and you have committed to SEO, the benefits may take some time to show themselves. If you have been at it for, let's say, over six months, with no noticeable changes you could be making one or more common SEO mistakes.

Poor Keyword Density

Inexperienced SEO writers are usually the ones guilty of this. From a reader's standpoint it is not a major transgression. When search engines look for your relevant keywords however it could cost you. Think of it this way; you and a competitor sell identical items and have the same content posting schedule. Your competitor uses the keyword five times in each article, while you use it one time. A search engine is designed to check for the use of this word, and is therefore likely to give your competitor’s website a higher ranking when it returns a search result. This means there will be more eyes on the competition on any given day.

Using too many keywords can also lead to problems. If search engines see your site as practicing keyword stuffing, the site may be blacklisted. It therefore makes sense to keep abreast of what’s happening in regards to keyword density.

Infrequent Updates

Updates are also closely tracked by search engines, so missing one or two posts for the moths can set you back. If you think this is a little unfair keep in mind that search engines are nothing more than software, sophisticated, yes, but still just computer programs. They have to function within clearly defined parameters, and checking for websites that update content frequently is one of them.

Poorly Structured Content

In a bid to meet deadlines and update websites frequently, some website owners sacrifice quality. The same is true for content developers who are unfamiliar with some subject areas, or simply lack language or writing skills. This can lead to many problems, not the least of which is keyword stuffing. This is where the writer tries to cram the keyword in as many times as they can without worrying about little niceties like sentence structure or flow of content.

While you no doubt know the subject area of your business, writing may not be your forte. Superior web content can get you noticed, but poor content can get you the wrong kind of attention. Ask content writers you intend to do business with to provide samples of their work. Always remember that when seeking content for your company website, a low price should not be your first consideration.