Sunday, July 1, 2012

Blogging for Business Success

It has been a while since I have blogged as I was very busy doing other things, such as revamping my businesses. Granted, I’ve been thinking about starting for quite a while, but decided to begin at the start of a new month. New beginnings are always an exciting time. To top it off, I decided to join the Ultimate Blogging Challenge. I thought that posting a blog a day for the next 31 days would be a lot of fun.

I intend to get one of those nifty, I COMPLETED THE CHALLENGE badges on my site at the end of the month. So, my steps to success in this challenge, just like for business success are:
  • Planning: I’ve started to assign my topics for each day of July. Of course, some days I may end up writing about something else if it is relevant and timely. That is also the way to success, being able to move with the tide when necessary.  
  • I’ll definitely be writing some topics ahead of schedule. Those who make hay while the sun shines can rest when it rains without worrying.
  • I will also be assessing how much traffic the articles I write for this challenge brings to my blog or website. If it is not what I expect or want, I will learn from it and possibly change the focus of the articles.
These days, the need for quality content is more important than ever. As an article and website writing article services provider, I know the value of re-evaluating and re-assessing website traffic to reap online success. Blogging is still definitely a great way to get hits and grow your business online.

July, here I come!

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  1. I love the idea of assigning topics to the days of the challenge ahead of time. Thanks for this post -- a great read!