Saturday, July 14, 2012

What You Can Learn From A Lion: Business Ideas From The Animal Kingdom

This morning as I sat down to write my blog entry for the Ultimate Blogging Challenge, I came up blank. I wanted something fun and useful, but nothing was coming to mind. So, I turned to my favorite source of inspiration, my son Jalen. I asked him to give me a topic to write about. His response was, write about lions.

So here goes my post on lions and what they can teach us in the business world and also about life and living. The first thing that caught my attention is that:

·       They are social animals in their own communities or pride. So how about you – are you social in your community, be it your niche market, work, school, church? Being social doesn’t mean being friends with everyone, but it means putting yourself out there.

How will your business grow if you do not network and interact with people who may be able to recommend you or become a potential client?

·      Have you ever watched a documentary with lions hunting? If you do, you will realize that teamwork is helpful in the hunt. Since they are not the fastest or biggest animals, they need to work together to get their prey. What can you learn from their hunting habits? Have you tried collaborating with others?

Have you been looking for opportunities where your skills could complement that of another professional? As a contentwriter, I have been contacting graphic and website designers to write the content for the sites they create. If you are an indexer, start networking with editors and proofreaders – you just never know when they may have clients who need indexers.

·      Lions are courageous and strong and usually dominate the food chain. Are you strong and courageous enough to take risks and make hard decisions so as to improve your business, financial health or life in general? 

So there you have it. I never thought of learning anything worthwhile from the animal kingdom to apply to business. I guess I was wrong.

                                         From Free FreeDigitalPhotos.Net