Wednesday, April 3, 2013

How to Improve Visibility Through Liking Facebook Fan Pages

One of the most important tenets of online business success is traffic generation. If no one is visiting your website, blog or fan page, you are in the digital wilderness. I am speaking from a position of experience. By liking fan pages of people with similar interests, I have had referrals to clients. I recently signed a contract to produce top quality articles for a blog site simply by liking and commenting on someone’s fan page.

Get Fans Involved

Of course, just liking a fan page is not enough.  Constant interaction is necessary to keep current fans coming back and to get new ones. Some proven ways to drive traffic to your website and keep your fan base in the process are:
  • Get your fans involved by asking questions or asking them for their opinion. When they respond, you also need to respond to them
  • Post relevant content that is unique and interesting
  • Post often so there is always something fresh for your fans to read
  • Combine your other social networking tools to your fan page. This way, when you update your fan page – Twitter and LinkedIn etc will be updated as well
  • Offer them gifts, such as a free ebook, a free session if you are a coach – you are limited here only by your imagination
  • Engage your fans, they will be your most valuable assets when it comes to driving traffic and increased business
  • Say thank you when you receive new fans! They will remember, take it from me. You can do this by giving a gift or by simply saying, ‘thank you!’

For most of us, the traffic will not start coming right away, but do not give up. Over time, if your content is great and you give your fans what they want - you will see growth. Do not make the mistake many people make, they build a fan page and then just leave it and expect to get fans. You have to work at IT and work at IT constantly.  

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