Saturday, January 30, 2010

Keeping Hope Alive – When Business is Slowing or Failing

It is easy to lose hope in these trying economic times. Whether or not you have a salaried job, for many– times are hard and money is scarce. Many freelancers are beginning to feel the pinch; fewer jobs and clients and in many instances lower rates.

I know what I’m talking about because there have been many days when I have lost hope and feel like giving up. But I know that the darkest hour is just before dawn, so I may be just at the point of a breakthrough. If I give up I will never know.

As an indexer and SEO/web content writer I had many challenges in 2009. I’m sure there will be many more in 2010, but I’m learning from my past mistakes. Plus, I’m determined to build solid networks this time around and play it forward even more.

In 2009 indexing jobs were few and far between and it wasn’t just me. Many indexers complained about not getting work. Interestingly, many others didn’t have a problem. Part of the reason I’m sure had to do with their marketing efforts and the niche they work in.

While I enjoy my work, I do not spend as much time marketing and networking as I should. I’m trying to be better this time around. It’s a gut feeling, but I know I can do this! We all have those moments of clarity where we know that we are on to something good. All it takes is finding out how to get around or over the stumbling block.

By reading blogs and following those in my field and about managing small businesses I already see where I can improve my processes. Slowly hope is returning, even though there are still days when despair hits me like a hammer – but I can do this. I can and will persevere.